Mr. Wise Designs offers Web Development and High End Graphic Design to Start Up Companies and Small Businesses. 

Ranging from Daycares to Shopping Networks.

Also providing high-quality audio recording, music production and video production in 2 separate In-House Studios:

  • Music Video Production
  • Radio/TV/Film
  • Post-Production
  • Chroma Key
  • Professional Photography
  • Graphic /Web Design
  • Audio/Video Global Broadcasting Classes
  • Multimedia Training Courses for All ages sponsored by Global Music Entertainment Inc./ Mr. Wise Designs
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Recognition and Honor

  • Best Photographer of the Year 2016
  • IT Repair of NY 2015 to 2021
  • Suny Health Science Center (Mac Specialist)
  • No.1 PC Repair Tech (Bronx NY)
  • Most Promotional Design For Events 2012 to 2019
  • Myspace Code Developer/ Div /Css/ Html5/Flash
  • Graphic /Web Design (Most Consistent Service 2020)
  • Audio/Video Global Broadcasting Classes in N.Y
  • Multimedia Training Courses for All ages sponsored by Global Music Entertainment Inc.

Development / Design/ Maintenance Rates

Taking orders for web development and design as of 2020 online. 

Design Maintenance Decrease Page-Loads, S.E.O, updates, and additions.  $100 per year or $25 per month

Maintenance takes care of a website (whether created by you or us) and keep track of renewals/ upgrades for internal functions. $100 per year or $39 per month

Development / Design/ Maintenance Rates


Front -End Developers take the visual design of a website (whether created by you or us) and rebuild it in code.

Back-End Developers deal more with advanced programming and interactions development for websites.


Simple Web Development


Full Web Development and Design Package


GOLD Web Development and Design Package

Fundamental Design

Mr Wise Design is a multifaceted facility capable of almost any design process you can think of.

Design For Music: Increase your chances of someone engaging with your content after you deliver it. Have your art work shine, animate or illuminate! That usually does the trick! Ask For Quote Here

YouTube Channel & Cover Art Take your business to a new level just by upgrading your image and brand.. (If Charged) $25 one time fee

Animated Social Media Capture any heart with the perfect message as video or Gif.

Mp4 You-Tube Video Have your idea recorded and ready to go but still want that professional touch and style that will bring watchers back every-time?

Garment Design Ready to tell the world about your mission? Presenting it on a garment with precise detail might be the way you want to go!

Instagram Posts Creation:

My Clients

If you landed here you were probably referred or just browsed from one of our client sites. Clients that have been depending on this companies’ services and expertise are as follows:

Heal Moms

Aleah Holland

Heal Families

Aleah Holland

The Networking Vision

Sean The Poet

Up Life Radio

DJ Up Up

The Story Princess

Cathy Payne

What People Say About Mr. Wise

  1. “I think he is amazing!! He helps me with everything!!! and Anything!!”
  2. “You must hire this guy if you want to keep your sanity! LOL He helped me with my business and the structure of it in 3 days!”
  3. “Mr. Wise designs my T-Shirts and Brochures every year for my promotion events.”

Mr. Wise (AKA Mr. Livingston)  Radiographer, Editor, and Web Developer / Graphic Designer for Global Music Entertainment and many other platforms.

Entrepreneurship Skills, Artist Development, Artist Promotion, Filming, Video Production, Chroma Key,  Animation, Joomla, Word Press.


You can also contact me on my social media.


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